Army Personnel Downsizing Proposed by US Army for Oahu

‘Once-in-a-Century Opportunity’ for Hawaii Nei


Imagine the positive impact on affordable housing if recently built homes and recently renovated military facilities currently housing 37,779 military and their family members became available for use by the State of Hawaii.  Imagine the positive impact on lowering rental costs and home prices if thousands of Army families and single soldiers living off-base currently receiving large monthly housing subsidies were no longer stationed on Oahu.  Imagine if Oahu’s population was decreased by 49,221 personnel (5.1 percent of the current population) by 2019.  These possibilities are more than a dream they are a real possibility currently being recommended by the United States Army.

If the proposed personnel cuts of 19,800 occur, the following bases and geographic areas would likely be returned to the State of Hawaii:  Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Makua Valley, Dillingham Military Reservation, Kolekole pass and others.  The Army’s recommendation for cuts provides a ”once-in-a-century” opportunity for Hawaii to acquire the following benefits:


·     Population Reduction on Oahu (5.1 %, less public services, less traffic, less students)

·     Real Affordable Housing (lower rental costs and home prices)

·     Large Industrial Facilities

·     Retail and Wholesale Facilities

·     Hospital and Dental Clinic

·     Airfield and Tower Operations

·     Fire Stations; Gas and Service Stations

·     Education Facilities (Library and Class Rooms); Distance Learning Facility

·     Elementary and Middle Schools

·     Office Buildings

·     Chapels/Churches; Museum

·     Post Office, Lodging, Clubs and Restaurants

·     Second Access Road for Leeward Coast

·     Recreation Facilities; Lighted Ball Parks; Craft, Woodwork & Automotive Shops

·     Olympic Size Swimming Pool; New Physical Training Building/Gymnasium

·     Shooting Ranges for Police and Civilian Usage

·     Agricultural Lands

·     Access to Hawaiian Cultural Sites

·     $s Saved in City and County Services for 5.1% of Oahu = $110 Million/year

·     $s Saved in State Services for 5.1% of Oahu = $539 M/year (Includes $115M DOE Costs)

·     And much, much more!